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Opened my mouth too soon [Dec. 28th, 2009|05:11 pm]
Right after I posted that entry I got a $255 fee in the mail.
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Forever in your hands [Dec. 28th, 2009|04:20 pm]
[Current Mood |bitchybitchy]

On December 6th, Oksana, Ariel, Adriana and I went to Santa Cruz for an All That Remains show.
When we arrived, we parked in a parking lot not far from The Catalyst.
In the car with us was 2 bottles of Sky, one regular and one Raspberry. There were also two cartons of orange juice and six empty water bottles.
My bar-tending skills came in really handy when I decided to fill each water bottle with half vodka and half orange juice. I screwed the cap back on and shook up the bottle. Once I finished making everyone else a drink the first bottle of Sky was just about done so I chugged the shot or two that was left in the bottle and then continued to make myself a drink with the Raspberry vodka.
It wasn't too bad...I was going through Oksana's CD's and first we started to listen to Duran Duran. By the end of their greatest hits we were wasted, singing "Union of the Snake" as loud as we could.
The windows started fogging. In the backseat Adriana and Ariel were chasing their drinks with hot cheetos...hah.
Ariel was like "Do you think Oksana would be mad if I peed outside of her car?"
I was like "Heck nooo!"
So as soon as she got back from peeing, Adriana wanted to pee too.
I figured it was my turn and once I stood up I realized how drunk I actually was.
Everything was kinda foggy after that.
Some guy walking his dog definitely saw me urinate.
After I got back in the car I could see Oksana's head bobbing from outside.
The next thing I remember was a bunch of red and blue lights flashing..
The four of us leaned against Oksana's car while 3 police officers were questioning us.
I was all the way at the end, laughing to myself. At the time I thought it was so surreal and hilarious...we weren't doing anything wrong!
There was this really mean dyke cop woman who was questioning everyone except me.
I got this fresh faced, Christ Kattan looking fellow.
I refused to get my ID out of the car so he was asking me everything that would be on my ID.
"What color are your eyes?"
"Blue. Ocean, beautiful blue." I batted my eyelashes at him.
"How much do you weigh?"
"Hah! A lot..."
They asked Oksana to take the alcohol bottles out the car.
"C'mon. We're not morons. We know you have alcohol in the car, just get it out." the dykey cop groaned.
Oksana placed two empty bottles of Sky and a carton of orange juice that was half full on top of her car.
"So, why do you have these in your car?" she asked in a sort of sarcastic tone.
Everything I saw was blurry and bits and pieces from each 15 seconds were missing. But I thought laughing and lying was the best way to go.
"Oh! We were just gonna recycle those later!" I laughed.
"Look at this one," she snapped, looking at Ariel. "She can't even keep her eyes open."
Ariel looked up and glared, attempting to keep her eyes open.
Right after Ariel threw up a puddle of red vomit.
Lots of hot cheetos had been eaten, and they just piled out in front of her and three police officers.
I couldn't help but laugh, patting her on the back.
"She's at the point of alcohol poisoning!" the dykey cop barked.
I tried to reason.
"Look, I know I might sound retarded right now but this is our favorite band we're about to see," I lied. "We never EVER get like this. We were just celebrating cause this is our favorite band. I respect what you guys are doing, my boyfriend wants to become a cop. I'm REALLY sorry." I tried to reason, but I'm guessing most of it was slurred.
They were saying that they were letting us off easy and they weren't going to charge us with minor under the influence, DUI, drunk in public and they were just going to give us tickets for an open container.
I blacked out for another moment or two and then we were gone.
"Fuck Santa Cruz!" Oksana screamed.
Ariel went to go lay down in the car.
"C'mon, we're gonna miss the show."
"I don't care, I need to sleep!"
"Your dad paid for this ticket! Let's go have fun!"
But she laid in the fetal position and wasn't having it.
The concert was sooo fun.
I remember falling down a bunch of times and hands bringing me back up to my feet, I was laughing the whole time the whole night was so hilarious to me.
The next thing I know I'm in the very front of the concert, in the middle.
The concert seemed like 20 minutes to me but ATR actually played a really long show. Like 2 hrs atleast. Because we went in at 8:30 and came out at 11:30.
We got some burritos afterward...I was still drunk! I couldn't believe it.
I got a taco for Ariel and when we got back to the car she took a bite and started vomiting outside of the car while it was in motion.
We stopped at a green light and Oksana was like,
"Uh, should we go?"
It sounded like buckets of water were being poured out the car, but it was just Ariel...haha.

Anyway! They said we should receive our court summons in the mail within the week and we had to be in court within 30 days...but it's been 30 days and we haven't received anything in the mail.
Christmas Miracle, perhaps?

We had a Christmas party on the 19th that was pretty fun. Nothing too epic happened, though.
Mario and Geert drank from these massive shot glasses we got at Halloween Horror Nights. It was like 5 shots in one shot glass.
Geert was able to drink the whole thing way faster than Mario but it turned out it was because he has some weird throat thing and he doesn't really have to chew his food..I don't know.
Christmas morning wasn't as amazing as it used to be. I'm used to it, though. I like giving more than receiving now.
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Blahhhh [Nov. 14th, 2009|08:31 pm]
[Current Mood |numbnumb]
[Current Music |'Til Tuesday - Voices Carry | Powered by Last.fm]

For Russell's and my 6th anniversary we headed down to Los Angeles to go to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. At first I wanted to get discount plane tickets from Russell's aunt but he thought it'd be rude to ask. So I paid $50 to have the oil changed in our car and they inspected it and said there was no way that our car would make it to L.A. and back. So I just figured we'd rent a car. I had no idea what an effin' hassle that would be. First of all, most companies need you to have a major credit card, no debit cards allowed. Also, if you're under 25 years old they charge you an extra certain amount each day. I looked into Hertz because they said they accepted debit cards but they did random credit checks, but I heard from my friend if you had atleast $400 in your account you should be fine. Since I'm not even 21, I had to have Russell go in after I put the money on his card and he was denied for some odd reason... I then begged my grandmother to put the car in her name. She freaked out, thinking if I got in an accident her house would be taken away or something like that. But she's a sweetheart and after a long day of worrying we finally got a rental car and it was lovely. Even though it was the cheapest economy car they had it was 1 million times better than our car. We invited Adriana and Texas Mike along because we were heading to a theme park...they're more enjoyable in groups. Plus, those two never get to go anywhere. You couldn't hook up your iPod or listen to CDs in the car, you were forced to listen to SIRIUS radio, which was neat. There was always good music to listen to I just found it odd how they made it impossible to listen to anything else. The hotel was really nice, it had a pool but the trip was so rushed there wasn't really time for that. We left at 2am and arrived at about 8am. The first shuttle from the hotel to Universal came around 9:30 so we all headed to the park with little or no sleep. Once we got there I woke up because I love it there so much. It was really fun showing Russell the Universal Tour and the Jurassic Park ride. It was sad, though. They closed the T2-3D experience for Haunted Horror Nights. So it was closed for the day cause they needed the theater for their tribute to Rocky Horror. We had a blast at the park until about 3:30 and then we went back to the hotel and took a nap. I needed one...I did most of the driving and got about a wink of sleep. We woke up in time to drive back to the park for Halloween Horror Nights. Pretty exciting...demons on stilts, fire blasting, Rob Zombie blasting, bloody girls in their underwear dancing...people running at you with chainsaws. They had mazes where people jump and scare you...I didn't know if I'd be into it but it turned out to be really fun. We got to walk right by the actual Psycho house and Bates' motel during the Terror Tram...pretty fun. Glad I forced Russell to go. When we got back around 1am we were starving...we went to this place called Jerry's Deli which was a really nice restaurant with delicious food... The next morning we got up and left...I really wish we could have stayed but since my grandma got the car for me it needed to be back by 5:30 that evening. On Halloween we had friends over and watched a bunch of Halloween movies which was fun. Russell got me a Freddy Kruger toy. Trick 'R Treat is amazing...even after watching it for the 3rd time. Wish I made it. Class has been a lot easier to get up for. More motivated...enjoy going more. I've made a lot of friends in the class and I'm being called the Nard-Dawg now...atleast by the other two girls who obsess over the Office like I do, hah. Buh, but yes. We only had school on Monday and Tuesday this week so I finally had my wisdom teeth removed on Thursday. It's not feeling any better...I hope the swelling goes down by Monday morning, I really can't afford to miss an entire day of school. I just finished my mannequin project. I cut and colored it. Now I just have to make a packet of my thought process and show how I actually made the cut and everything like that...don't feel like it when I am a disgruntled chipmunk. I've been doing more productive things like playing Booty Grab on Gaia. Blah. I gotta update this bad boy more often...but I think every entry I've written says that. I'm excited for Thanksgiving...so hungry....
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Writer's Block: Gone Too Far [Oct. 11th, 2009|12:19 pm]
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What is the scariest incident with drugs or alcohol you’ve witnessed or personally experienced? How did it change you?

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